Support Clean Renewable Power Today

Here are the sources of our Clean Renewable Offering:

33% New Wind

Clean Fresh Endless

Wind Energy is helping to meet America' s growing need for clean energy.  Wind is pollution-free. It helps to strengthen our nations energy independence, assists rural communities, and in the long run lowers everyone's energy cost with a foreign oil free energy source that won't run out.

34% Landfill Gas

Reduces Green House Gases

The EPA has found that reducing methane emissions from landfills is one of the best ways to reduce global warming. Methane is significantly more harmful to our atmosphere than carbon dioxide. Turning land fill gas into electricity helps reduce greenhouse gases and turn this environmental threat into a source of renewable energy.

33% Connecticut Small Hydro

Local Dependable

Small hydro helped build America's industrial base. From grist mills to our early factories, water powered much of America through the 1800s and early 1900s. With today's technology, we can once again meet some of our energy needs with hydro and do so in an environmental friendly manner.


How It Works

When you sign up, your are supporting renewable energy generated from Wind, Landfill Gas and Small Hydro Sources. You will continue to power your home or business on the same reliable energy you have always received from SNEW. Your purchase allows SNEW to purchase clean, renewable power from the electric market. SNEW guarantees that every clean, renewable killowatt-hour of energy that you purchase under this rate will be used to purchase clean, renewable energy. All of SNEW’s purchases of clean, renewable energy are verified by the State of Connecticut. As of October 1, 2007, SNEW’s Clean Renewable Energy rate is set at 1.1¢ per kWh above the standard energy rates. By purchasing Clean Renewable Energy, the energy charge on your electric bill will be approximately 10% higher than SNEW’s standard rate.

Customer Commitment

The Commissioners of the Second Taxing District are constantly searching for ways to keep our rates as low as possible and believe there will be more opportunities in the future. As equipment and technology improve, it will become possible to measure electrical usage in "real time" and give customers more options to decide how and when to use electricity. SNEW’s Clean Renewable Energy rate is a step forward in this process, and you can be sure that we will continue to explore every opportunity to keep our reliability as high as possible and our rates as low as possible.

How to Sign up for SNEW's Clean Renewable Energy Program

1) Print out the PDF (Click here to d isplay the PDF file) and complete the application.

2) Sign and date the application. The person signing the application must be the SNEW customer listed on the account.

3) Check the box agreeing to the rate.

4) Detach and mail to SNEW with a copy of your electric bill to:

Clean Renewable Energy Program
P.O. Box 400
1 State Street
Norwalk CT 06856